DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target is a software for sharing virtual and physical drives and virtual hard discs using the iSCSI protocol. It allows creating up to 16 iSCSI targets and sharing different types of devices and images. From the 2.0 version DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The clients that are connected to DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target can use virtual images, VHDs and physical discs just like these files are local. And you can manage targets from any device (PC, tablet, phone) using the web interface.

Minimum of settings and simple interface allows creating full-fledged storage server from your usual computer.

Why DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target?

  • Add up to 16 targets that can be used by numerous clients.
  • Share any types of drives and image files.
  • Enjoy easy and clear user interface.
  • Work from any device (PC, tablet, phone).
  • Create iSCSI target in a few clicks.
  • Use the advantages of the program on Windows, Linux or Mac machine.
  • Download and use DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target for free during 20 days.