Client — is a computer connected to iSCSI Server via network.

iSCSI — is an Internet Small Computer System Interface — a protocol that allows using remote devices and storage systems like the ones that are connected to your PC.

iSCSI Server — is a remote storage that can give access to various clients.

iSCSI Target — is a device (physical or virtual) that is located on iSCSI Server and can be shared via network.

Sharing means giving access to any data to the remote clients.

Virtual device — is a device that appears to the operating system like a real physical drive. Virtual image is an analogue of disc for such device.

VHD — is a virtual hard disk, the image file that contains the whole information and structure of a real hard disk.

Web interface — is a browser-based tool that allows performing main actions with iSCSI Server from different devices (computer, tablet, phone).