Which type of data can be shared using DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target?

Using DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target you can add physical drive, virtual drive or virtual hard disk (VHD) as a target. So you can share both physical and virtual discs.

How clients can connect to my iSCSI Server?

To connect to iSCSI Server, user needs special software. Also DAEMON Tools Ultra can be used as an iSCSI client. To connect to the target, the client should enter the IP address or the name of your computer and port specified in the server's settings.

How can I restrict access for undesired users?

You can set a password on each created target. The password can be set during adding or editing a target.

How can I try DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target without buying it?

DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target is available for free during the first 20 days.